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    South Korean merchants to visit the Ming Si industry in Henan

    Detailed Description

    Not long ago, a South Korean businessmen in Anyang city in Henan Kam Ming silicon industry limited company (hereinafter referred to as Yu Jin Ming silicon industry) study, when the enterprise clean production environment, surprised, said excitedly, visited so many metal powder production enterprises, so clean production environment, technology so good, he was the first time to see, and on the spot and enterprise deal intention.

    The competition in the environmental protection industry policy and the fierce pressure in Henan, Jinming silicon industry has not been eliminated, contrarian growth, not unrelated to Chairman Wang Zhiming's experience.

    Wang Zhiming in the silicon industry for ten years. 2010, to further improve the environmental threshold, Wang Zhiming had to shut down the years of operation of the metal powder production enterprises. Where is the way out? As a warning for the future after Wang Zhiming investment in Long'an District Construction in Henan Kam Ming metal powder project.

    The same industry, the same product, a few years later, what is the difference? In April 1st, Yu Jin Ming into the silicon industry, such as outside the garden, small bridges, green grass, flowers Jing fang. In the workshop, several workers were busy with the production line, the control room technicians glued to the computer screen, real-time adjustment of product parameters.

    "The company and domestic institutions jointly developed an industrial computer application system, the technical parameters of control products using the software system, realize the whole production process of clean production, to solve the explosion, pneumoconiosis, pollution prone industry powder 3 fatal problems. Compared with the traditional production technology, the new technology has obvious advantages: first, the production efficiency is high. The past 60 people only 100 million yuan a year, and now more than and 20 people a year production value of 200 million yuan to 600 million yuan, production capacity, efficiency increased by several times. Two is to reduce the cost of loss. Have in the past in the production process of dust, dust caused by environmental pollution, now through the collection storage system, can be recycled, the annual saving 4489 yuan. Three is the product stability. The whole production process in strict accordance with the parameter adjustment, always ensure that the raw materials in the specified parameters, the product quality is very stable, which is particularly important in the production of bulk products." Wang Zhiming talking.

    Since it was put into operation in June 2014, the company has been actively developing domestic customers, developing foreign customers and expanding market share.

    "The production of metal powder traditional technology, stable quality, environment dirty and messy, not in line with international standards, so I lost a lot of foreign customers, the value of about several hundred million dollars. After the transformation and upgrading, the company uses advanced production technology, product quality, beautiful environment, to attract customers at home and abroad, the enterprise is more lasting vitality. At present, domestic customers are mainly silicon group, has received small orders, the second half is expected to sign orders; foreign customers, South Korea's OCI supply, at the same time, Japan Tokuyama supply, worth about $30 million." Wang Zhiming said.

    Wang Zhiming's goal is to be the best and biggest company in Asia. At present, the construction of the industrial production and construction of the central Henan and Ming Si industry is carried out simultaneously. A project has been put into production 4 production lines, is the fifth production line installation equipment, plans to put into operation in July, with an annual output of 20 thousand tons of metal powder. The two phase of the project invested 30 million yuan to build 3 production lines, has 15 acres of land, start by the end of this year, is expected to put into operation by the end of 2017. Then, in Henan Kam Ming silicon metal powder production capacity will reach 50 thousand tons, becoming China's largest metal powder production enterprises. In the future, in the Yu Jin Ming silicon industry will be based on this point, into the international market.

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